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We have decided to maintain a policy of appointment-based consultations. To allow for good planning for both the practice and you, the patient, we would ask that you follow a few basic rules. 

Please ring for a consultation and also let us know if you will be delayed or need to cancel.

During the consult, please keep to the issue you made the appointment for. Please avoid presenting siblings or asking about medical issues which are not relevant to the original purpose of the appointment. As an example, a vaccination appointment should purely be a vaccination appointment. 

Your consultation will fit into one of a variety of formats in terms of our planning: brief appointments for acute illnesses, inoculation appointments, short appointments, long appointments, precautionary appointments. Please try to select your appointment type accordingly so that neither the patient not the practice staff are frustrated during the appointment. 

However, not all appointments are available. For example U7- U9 on Tuesday afternoons. If unclear on matters, please approach us. For us, it is important that you understand our rationale and also that, where necessary, parents are willing to make compromises.

In the case of acute illness, we will naturally always attempt to fit in with your requests regarding appointment times, however, these spontaneous appointments are also just a guiding principle. For example, in periods of seasonal related acute illness, we ask that you understand that you may have to expect long wait times. 

Our acute appointments are daily from 11.00am to 12 noon and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4.00pm to 5.00pm.

With the arrival of Dr. Bolze from 1st April and our new appointment structure, it will inevitably also mean that you may not always have the doctor you would normally expect. I would ask that you be flexible in this matter.