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Amblyopie-Screening/ “Sight Test”

We would also like to offer you the so-called Amblyopie-Screening test. This “sight test” enables prompt identification of serious early childhood visual impairments, limited vision and ametropia, as well as an undiagnosed squint.  This screening examination is highly recommended by the Professional Association of Paediatricians and should be offered to parents up to U6 and/ or U7 and U7a.

This examination is completely noninvasive and lasts for only a few seconds. You will receive the result immediately. In the case of any significant findings, then we will advise you to arrange a more comprehensive opthamological examination. In the case of insignificant findings we can await developments and, if necessary, arrange a follow-up examination. This process saves you unnecessary further consultations with the opthamologist. 

Although it is a scientifically proven test, and recommended by the various medical professional associations, at this point in time, Amblyopie-screening is still not a base preventative service of all state-provided insurance companies. The rules with regard to the provision of this service are complex and confusing. As this service is, in most cases, registered as an individual health service/ IgeL, we calculate charges according to the “Fee table for medical practitioners” (GOÄ). However, some insurance companies do refund the cost. Please talk with us in individual cases. We can provide you with an overview. And please, take advantage of this outstanding examination method for your child.