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Diagnostic Laboratory

Blood, Urine and Stool Tests

In many cases tests can be carried out immediately at the practice, ensuring that we can give you your results as soon as possible (blood count, urine test, swabs).

In other cases we work together with a large, central laboratory, which, provided that the sample has been taken in the morning, generally returns results in the afternoon.

Naturally, we also provide diagnostics to monitor the taking of medication, their side effects and dosages. Where necessary, we pass results directly to other colleagues involved in your child’s treatment.

Throat Swabs and Blood Counts

A simple prick to the finger is all that is needed when a blood count is required. You will receive your results within minutes, here at the practice.

Likewise, you receive a result immediately in the case of the throat swab used for diagnosing Streptococcal-Angina and Scarlet Fever.

Primary Care for Psychosomatic Illness

Increasing numbers of children and adolescents suffer from complaints such as head and stomach ache, disturbed sleep patterns or further symptoms which often have other bases than purely organic. Through our additional training in the area of primary care for psychosomatic illness, we are in the position to, not only recognise psychological problems and illnesses but, to also devote extra time to these children, adolescents and their parents.

Naturally, in all instances where a psychosomatic diagnosis is made, we are guided by rigorous, objective and specialised diagnostic methodologies.