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New Patients. New new new, Attention, as of 01.04.2018

Dear Patients and Families!

We are pleased that our practice has become increasingly popular. However, unfortunately, we have had to make the decision to no longer accept transfers of families with older children to our practice. We greatly regret this! However, if we do not make this change, we can no longer meet requests for early appointments and the order and cooperation within our consulting hours will suffer. 

This regrettable change in policy will effect state insured and privately insured patients identically. 

To clarify the restraints with regard to your requests for extended hours: the supervisory board for the support of state-insured patients and its executive board, the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, view the Hanover region as satisfactorily covered in terms of paediatric services. They will, therefore, only approve additional staffing for individual practices with growing patient numbers in the most exceptional of circumstances. Fundamentally, an increase in staffing is not encouraged and will not necessarily be supported by the authorities financially.

In spite of this, I have recently been focused on appointing an additional colleague. This has only just come to fruition and I am pleased to be able to present Dr. Christiane Bolze, a long-serving paediatric and adolescent specialist. Dr. Bolze has a wealth of experience in the care of both in-patients (hospital-based) and out-patients (practice-based). We are fortunate to have secured her and to have received the necessary approval of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians admissions committee. 

We now welcome not only young families with their first child and families already on our books with new children but, as of 1st April 2014 we are pleased to be able to once again take on new families with a first born. This also pertains to families from outside Wunstorf.

The suburbs of Schloß Ricklingen, Garbsen, Hagenburg, Neustadt and Seelze are welcome once more!

As mentioned above, we request that so-called “transfers” remain with their original GP. However, we will still try to work with you in terms of your expectations. 

As an act of good faith, in difficult cases, I will be available to provide one-off consults (essentially, a second opinion). I would ask, however, that you make the circumstance clear when ringing to arrange an appointment.